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Working with Models

I work with both photographic reference and directly from life. Most often I work with models who I know. What a model brings to my work is much more than a physical body and place holder. The energy of my subject, how they move, their character, emotional and psychological characteristics are significant to how I work with them.

I am often on the look out for models. My work has given greater focus to the female form given my specific interests in representation of the feminine, symbolically, metaphysically and as an agent of cultural change. I have worked with people whose lives, stories and experiences inform their physicality, movement, presence and the spark of who they are: women from minority groups, women who are refugees and immigrants, Transgender and Queer models, people of colour, a model who has had double lung transplant (twice), who are Deaf, who have become orphans and lost family through tragedy or illness, people who have transformed themselves and their lives. I am currently looking to work with a greater diversity of people and backgrounds, a broader range of bodies, all genders and all ages. From time to time I do call outs for models for specific projects. If you think you might be suitable, please contact me and join my mail list to get notification of the next call out.