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Claire Bridge is a visual artist who employs a multidisciplinary approach to her practice. With a sustained focus on painting, she also exhibits photography, immersive sensory video and sound installations and most recently has expanded her practice into sculpture and ceramics.

Bridge's practice investigates the relationship between ourselves and our planet at the edge of change. 

Transformation and forces of change are key aspects of her work. In an ongoing exploration of the relationship between ourselves, each other and our planet, her work connects inner terrains of the human condition with outer terrains of landscape and cosmos. She explores both a harmony and dissonance in this relationship, with an underlying awareness of the preeminent issues of environmental change.

There is a constant play of polarities in her work: beauty and violence, masculine and feminine, power and powerlessness, light and dark, substance and immateriality and a paradoxial sense of change and timelessness. These themes are explored on personal and global levels, from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

Claire Bridge is also a passionate supporter of artists. Since 2011, She has volunteered as Visual Arts Advisor of the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund (based in New York), for the American Australian Association, supporting artists from both Australia and the USA in increasing opportunities for career development, strengthening ties and cultural exchange between the two nations.

Acknowledging the gender gap and to raise the profile of women artists, Bridge created Art World Women,, a magazine style website and community, the first of its kind in Australia specially focussed on women artists, including interviews, articles and a platform featuring their work. Wonderfully, many of the artists featured have gone from strength to strength in their careers and more women art focussed sites have since sprung up, revealing a growing need.

Claire Bridge was a finalist on multiple occasions in the world’s richest portrait prize, the $150,000 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. She has received numerous awards including the Living Art Award and People’s Choice for the Stan And Maureen Duke, Gold Coast Art Prize, a Silver Medal in the Black Swan Prize, People’s Choice in the Portia Geach and Shirley Hannan Portrait Awards and winner of the inaugural Linden Award. Her work is held in public and private collections, nationally and internationally.

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