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Claire Bridge is a Queer feminist interdisciplinary artist, arts writer and poet with Anglo-Indian and culturally Deaf Australian heritage. Her interests lay in the intersections between art, neuroscience, somatic experience, queer ecologies and feminism. Her work responds to issues of gendered violence, intergenerational trauma and the confluence of these concerns with the environment and impacts of climate change. Rather than simply bearing witness to violence or a dystopian “great unravelling”, she is concerned with a reparative aesthetic and sensibility as a means to address the prevailing lack of connection and empathy in wider society. Through her work, Bridge is interested in possibilities for empathy, even with the monstrous and disavowed.

Bridge’s practice involves hand built ceramic biomorphic sculptures, photographic portraits that explore the embodied experience of complex trauma, violence and empathy, to video works, painting and performance.

Referencing ecopsychology, queer ecologies and the sympoetic kin-making of Donna Haraway, Bridge’s forms and images blend, abstract and morph animal, plant and human bodies in a mash-up of creatures alluding to a shared collective body. Such a coming together of interspecies, human and non-human life presents possibilities for re-worlding, where she weaves together the conscious and unconscious, as a counter response to a global culture of fear with hope to open up potentialities through new forms for an era beyond resilience.

She has been a short listed on multiple occasions in the world’s richest portrait prize, the $150,000 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and a
finalist in the prestigious Sulman Prize at the AGNSW.

She has received numerous awards including the Living Art Award and People’s Choice for the Stan And Maureen Duke, Gold Coast Art Prize, a Silver Medal in the Black Swan Prize, People’s Choice in the Portia Geach and Shirley Hannan Portrait Awards and was winner of the inaugural Linden Award. Her work is held in public and private collections including Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery, the Honorary Consulate of Monaco in Australia and collections across Australia and New Zealand, New York, San Francisco, Washington, London and Europe.

Bridge is currently undertaking a Masters of Contemporary Art at the VCA.

Claire Bridge is a passionate supporter of artists. Since 2011, She has volunteered as Visual Arts Advisor of the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund (based in New York), for the American Australian Association, supporting artists from both Australia and the USA in increasing opportunities for career development, strengthening ties and cultural exchange between the two nations.

Acknowledging the gender gap and to raise the profile of women artists, Bridge created Art World Women,, a magazine style website and community, the first of its kind in Australia specially focussed on women artists, including interviews, articles and a platform featuring their work.

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