Claire Bridge, Held, 2019, digital archival inkjet print

Claire Bridge, Held, 2019, digital archival inkjet print

Attune coming soon to Sawtooth ARI in November 2019

Through a series of photographs, ceramic sculptural objects, and performative engagements, Attune brings together the science and embodied perceptions of lived-through trauma.

The works explore subjectivity, contact and connection between the wounded, traumatised body, self and the adult, as antidote for the disconnect, lack of attunement, connection and empathy in society.

Bearing witness to violence in this era of #MeToo, these works also engage a reparative aesthetic and sensibility. The title Attune derives from somatic psychotherapy. It refers to the reparative healing of connection and the ability to develop secure, empathetic relationship with the self and significant others.

Referencing ecopsychology, queer ecologies, embodied experience and the sympoetic kin-making of Donna Haraway, these sculptural forms, photographs and video blend, abstract and morph animal, plant and human bodies in a mash-up of creatures alluding to a shared collective body and possibilities for empathy, even with the monstrous. As Donna Haraway suggests, “making kin” through this symbiotic coming together of interspecies, human and non-human life presents possibilities for re-worlding. Attune posits a making-kin of the conscious and unconscious, along with a diversity of living forms, to counter personal and global disconnect and a culture of prevailing fear, opening up potentialities for an era beyond resilience.

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